Ministry: Visitation Team Ministry

The Visitation Team is a volunteer group of eleven faithful members.  Our purpose is to provide support and fellowship to members and attendees of our church but the group occasionally receives requests from the community at large.  The eleven members are:  Linda Field (coordinator), Fred and Shirley Hayes, Vivian White, Mary Cail, Rachel Dunn, Doris DeAmicis, Donna Safreed, Bob and Alicia Dowbney and Ruth Dost.  The group meets monthly and operates from a list of people who have been identified as having a need, are frail emotionally or physically or just need someone to check with them occasionally for their well-being.  The list varies in length but usually includes approximately 30 people.
   The Visitation Team has visited people in their homes, nursing homes, rest homes  and hospitals.  They have taken people to lunch and coffee, offered help with shopping and transportation, and supported others through illness, falls, surgery and life changes.  The group has prepared meals and has supported individuals who are actually from out of state but are helping family members in the Melrose area who are in crisis situations. They are the primary people to distribute the flowers that decorate our sanctuary at Christmas and Easter to those unable to appreciate them in the church.
   The Team also maintains contact with some people who have moved out of the area through phone calls, email and the postal service.

If you know of someone whom you think would benefit from a visit or a phone call, please contact us. Also, if you have concerns about any particular parishioner or would like an update on their progress, please feel free to speak to one of the team members or call Linda, 781-662-8027.