Ministry: Prayer Shawl and Blanket Ministry

The Prayer Shawl and Blanket Ministry has been sponsored by FUMC for a number of years.  The shawls and blankets have been created by various crafty people who enjoy giving support and comfort to others, sometimes anonymously.  Prayer shawls have been distributed by the Pastor or by members of the visitation group to anyone identified as going through a difficult time in life, emotionally or physically.
There is no specific pattern to make a shawl or a blanket.  The blankets and shawls can be sewn, knit, tied or crocheted.  There is a knitting pattern available if anyone would like a pattern (contact Linda Field, 781-662-8027).  More importantly the shawl or blanket can be made  of any fabric, as long as it is done with love and prayers for those needing reminding of God’s Love.  We request the shawls be approximately 20” by 68” and the blankets (or more appropriately lap robes) be approximately 42” by 26”.  Usually the shawls are given to the ladies and the lap robes to the gents.
FUMC also gives Baptismal Blankets to any infant being baptized in our church.  These are donated by those wishing to welcome the infant to our church family.  These blankets also have been made of various material and with various patterns.  The only request is that be carriage (crib) size blankets.
For more information on the prayer shawls and blankets, please contact Linda Field at 781-662-8027