Choir Internship Program 2017-2018

Choir Internship Program

Now in its FOURTH year, The FUMC Chancel Choir will be pleased to welcome back to our numbers the students interested in participating in the Choir Internship Program.

Created in the Fall of 2014, our Internship Program offers the opportunity for successfully auditioned Middle and High School students Interested in making music their careers, to participate weekly in rehearsal and services with the FUMC Chancel Choir. The students join us for major Festival days in the life of the church, and are given other opportunities to showcase their musical talents with solos and collaborations. It is the hope and the intention of the Program to instill in young musicians the love of sharing what they do in a broader sense, and provide for them a cultural and spiritual outlet which will be very familiar to them as they grow as professional musicians.

The auditioned singers occupy endowed “seats” given in contribution by members and families of the FUMC community. The endowments will work like this: Each seat is a $350 gift for each of two, 13 week intervals during the church year. The gifts are part of a second mile giving campaign. These seats can be giving by individuals, families, multiple families, in memory of a loved one or event, in honor of a loved one or event, to the Glory of God, or for no reason other than a love of music and a care for the music program. We hope to fill at least 5 seats in the 2017-2018 church years. It is a further hope that through worshiping together, the interns (their families) and their endowing individuals or families can create a relationship that will foster a broader sense of community and appreciation for music and the arts.

If you are interested in auditioning, know someone who would be interested, or care to contribute to the program in some way please contact Andrew Mattfeld of Pastor Stacey.