Mission: Crayon Collection drive !

Our Crayon Collection drive runs through the holidays. Everyone in the congregation is invited to donate their unwanted crayons, especially very gently used crayons which can be donated. Many people want to give and be generous at this me of year—ask them to donate their very gently used crayons.

We’re collecting crayons not only to save some of the 150,000,000 non-biodegradable crayons going into landfills each year, but also to support schools in need of supplies and save their teachers some of the hundreds of dollars of their own pay which they spend each year in order to supply basic classroom supplies.

This is an opportunity for your child to reach out to the community and help lead a change while fostering both an awareness of privilege and the impulse toward compassion. On the MLK Day of Service, crayon donations will be sorted at FUMC, by color and by degree of wear. FUMC children and volunteers will make kindness notes to the children who will be using the donated gently-used crayons in nearby schools. Well-used crayons will be melted down and made into shapes for gifts.

Families with young children, please sign up to place a Crayon Collection box at a site of your choice in Melrose (restaurants, businesses, fitness facilities, libraries, city hall, etc.).

Resources for Children & Families Collecting Crayons:

Here’s a link to a document your child can bring to school Crayon Collection Spread the Word  to solicit crayon donations. Here’s the LINK to a Google Sheet to sign up for bringing collection box to a business of your choice and a paper sign-up sheet is on the bulletin board across from the library.