Gifts: Stewardship of the Church

We use the word “stewardship” in the church as a way of talking about our responsibility for the faithful use of all the gifts that God has given us: our time and our abilities, our money and possessions, the environment, and our relationships.

We believe that everything we have is a gift from God, and God wants us to use it to make our world a more just and compassionate place for all God’s people.

There are many ways to contribute financially to the church, here are some ways that you may, or may not considered.

DSC01220-BPledging  & Tithing

Make a commitment to contribute financially each week(month/year).  As your commitment to Christ and his church continues to grow, pledge to Grow One Step in your giving.   This year, we are challenging ourselves to Grow Towards Tithing. To do this, you can consider raising your giving by 1 percent of your income (or growing a step in a dollar amount that makes sense to your situation)

What is tithing?    In the Bible, a tithe is a gift returned to God as a way of giving thanks and expressing our faith that God will continue to provide for our needs.  The Hebrew people gave God their “first-fruits” – the best and most choice of their crops and herds. We are invited to give a tithe  (10%) of what we have received to our local church or church related programs.  Some give the literal tithe, others give a certain percentage of their income, others have a plan for increasing their giving by a percentage until they reach the full tithe.

Tithing Calculator:  This calculator can help you figure out what you are currently giving, and to help you think about what you would like to give.  check it out HERE


Yes, shopping!  If you shop online, please consider shopping through the UMC Market.  UMC Market has agreements with many online shopping sites to donate a percentages of purchases back to FUMC Melrose.  This service is at no additional cost to you, the shopper and is an easy and painless way to donate to your congregation every time you shop through UMC Market

We at work on other projects to make it easier to give to FUMC Melrose online and off!  If you have any ideas or resources, please email the church office at