Gifts: Stewardship Campaign 2017

Dear members and friends of First United Methodist Church,

“I am the vine and you are the branches,” Jesus says to his friends and to us.  We grow in our faith by staying connected to the vine, and Jesus promises that we will bear fruit. That’s the theme for stewardship this year at First United Methodist Church.

As the body of Christ at 645 Main Street, we look back on where we’ve been and we anticipate a fruitful year ahead.

Our Sunday School program has added an additional class, as teach our children and youth about God’s amazing grace.  Through classes, fellowship activities and mission learning, our children are becoming disicples of Jesus.

In September, we celebrated the conclusion of a successful mission partnership with Bikes Not Bombs, having raised over $11,000 and collected 120 bicycles. We are excited about our new mission emphasis as we learn about Haiti and the needs of that country – we began by collecting 40 backpacks in August for the children of The Good Shepherd School in Remy, Haiti.

We are exploring new ways to reach out to our community – we participated in an uplifting community vigil this summer which was attended by over 200.  We have sent 150 “Kindness Rocks” into the city of Melrose, with messages of love and hope.  We had a renewed presence with many good converations at the Victorian Fair, and will be sharing love and hot cocoa at the “Home for the Holidays” event in December. We are known in the community as a church that stands up for justice and fairness for all God’s people.

Thanks to the sale of the annex and the generous gving of members, we have stabilized our financial situation and have a nearly balanced budget.  We are able to embark on the rehab of our organ and hope to hear it in its renewed glory at Christmas.  We continue to “right size” our facilities with the purchase and remodeling of a new parsonage at 260 Porter Street and the upcoming sale of the current parsonage.

There’s so much more we could mention:  the United Methodist Women’s program on the Principles of Islam, revitalizing the Holiday Fair, plans to remodel the sanctuary building, six new choir interns, a group traveling to the Holy Land in January, our on-going support of the Bread of Life’s feeding ministries.

All these we do because our commitment to being followers of Jesus. We hope that you will join us in growing towards being a tithing congregation.  We encourage you to make a plan to grow over the next few years in the percentage of your income that you give away – and we hope that FUMC will be a part of that faithful and generous giving.

The Leadership Team at FUMC

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