A Summer note from Pastor Stacey

Dear friends,

Over the summer weeks, we will have two worship series.

July & August 2017

First, in July and the beginning of August, a series called “Family Matters,” which began in June. We focus on some of the stories from Genesis that are foundational to our faith. There are some hair raising tales and some outrageous characters in these tales. So, we’ll be exploring what God can teach us, today, through these stories.

In June, we’ve heard the story of Sarah’s laughter and we’ve thought about God’s gift of humor and joy. we heard the awful story of Sarah’s jealousy of Hagar and the terrible thing that Sarah (with Abraham’s blessing) did to Hagar and the child. This will lead us to think about how we live with those we don’t get along with – both personally and on a large scale.

All these services are at 10 – the union services take place in the churches indicated.



July 9, 10 am  Rev. Dominic Taranowski preaches at First United Methodist Church

July 16, 10 am Rev. Stacey Lanier preaches at First Congregational Church, 21 W Foster St, Melrose

July 23, 10 am Rev. Michael Woolf preaches at Highlands Congregational church, 355 Franklin St, Melrose

July 30, 10 am Rev. Beth Horne preaches at Green St. Baptist, 179 Green St, Melrose

July 2: “All or Nothing” Genesis 22:1-14. Perhaps the most horrifying story of the bible – God asks Abraham to sacrifice Isaac, his young son. What can this story possibly have to have offer us today? What kind of commitment does god really expect?

July 9: Union service at FUMC : Rev. Dominic Taranowski of First Congregational Church will be preaching.

July 16: Union service at First Congrega onal Church: Stacey will be preaching on Genesis 25:19-34: “Sibling Rivalry” – Jacob and Esau: a study in sibling rivalry that includes decep on, violence, dishonesty and fear. How do we live together in our own families that are less than perfect?

July 23: Union service at Highlands Congregational Church: Rev. Michael Woolf of Green Street Baptist Church is preaching.

July 30: Union service at Green Street Baptist Church: Rev. Beth Horne of Highlands Congregational Church is preaching.

August 6: Genesis 25:19-34: Jacob’s mystical dream leads us to wonder how God communicates with each of us.

In August, the focus will be on “Faith and Film,” and we’ll look at our faith through the lens of several popular movies: “Hidden Figures,” (August 13) “Arrival,” (August 20) and “Zootopia” (August 27). Bonus! The theme for September 3 hasn’t been set. Send Stacey your suggestions of a movie along with a scripture passage that relates to a theme in the movie. She’ll chose one of your suggestions.

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