A note from Pastor Stacey December 2016

Dear friends,

Advent is upon us! Advent is the four week season of preparation before Christmas. This year, our advent worship is focusing on the “characters of Christmas:” the angel, Mary, Joseph, the shepherds, the magi. We invite you to share with us as we consider the gift that each of these characters brings to us, and how we might share that gift with others.

Especially during this season, it is easy for confusion to arise between wants and needs. This confusion can leave us feeling trapped, unfree and unsatisfied – like we are running on a hamster’s wheel. We have created a false sense of happiness that is based on having rather than being, so that when Jesus speaks about  ending contentment by resting in God, we don’t know what he’s talking about. Especially in this season driven by commerce and the media and advertising, let us come home to our true center. Let us focus on ourselves as human beings, and look for the spiritual gifts that this season offers us.

On Christmas Eve, join us for a candlelight service of lessons and carols at 6 pm. There will be a special children’s  time (and glows sticks for the children). And, since Christmas Day falls on Sunday this year, join us at 10 am to celebrate the birth of Jesus.

In Christ,


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