A note from Stacey October 2016

Dear Friends,

On September 12, the congregation voted to sell the annex (or Parish Hall, as it’s also called). 42 members were present, 40 voted in favor, one against, and one abstained. Many questions were raised, and the discussion was prayerful and positive. The minutes are available on the front hall table in the church.

We are moving forward, bit by bit, in our negotiations with the buyer. There’s much work to be done for that the legal documents can be drawn up, and so that proper city approvals are obtained. We are receiving estimates on the cost to divide the electrical service between the buildings, and we have engaged an engineer to do the needed surveying work. I am very thankful for the work of our broker, John Bulman of Brad Hutchinson Realty, and for the pro bono work legal work of Tom Bennett .

A big thank you to those have worked on this project for two years, and who continue to put in countless hours: Cory Allen, Jim Bennett, Alison Burke, Linda Field, Joan Green, Tom Keegan, David Lucas, Chad MacPherson, Krissi MacPherson, George Peddle, Dennis Roche, Tom Stewart, Sue Triggs-Rhuda, Leigh Warren. We’ll keep you up dated on the progress.

It is our hope and our expectation that the sale of the annex will be one big piece of our sustained effort to achieve financial stability so that our ministry and mission in Christ’s name may continue for many years. Please continue to hold our efforts in your prayers.

In Christ,



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